Who's the best cook in your family? In mine, its up for debate. It depends on the day, the time, the theme. M
y family has always been a "foodie" family. My dad owned a neighborhood chicken spot called GoldenBird - according to countless souls, it was a hit, a classic, an all around great place. The tag line....Had a piece lately? (Gotta love it!) After he sold it, he cooked for our family and friends and the church. Never could we leave a table without trying something at least once. At the time, we all resented him for it but as an adult I've realized the importance of it. All these years later, my siblings all cook and each is convinced they are the best!

Every gathering there is some sort of taste test or cooking competition while other times there are phone calls across the country to discuss a latest meal or creation or to get an idea of what to make. Hence why this blog was started, an easy way to share ideas. 

What's really cool? All of our passion for good food has spread to the next generation as I have a niece and nephew who are very vocal about learning to make new things! It's not often a teenager seeks out recipes and will actually pick up the phone to call me and discuss what they want to try next!