Brown Sugar Campfire Apples

if you ever go camping and need to contribute some food to the function, volunteer to make this one morning for breakfast - everyone in my family LOVES this little treat disguised as a breakfast side! all you need is a campfire, a cast iron skillet, apples (my grammie prefers the Macintosh kind for this), brown sugar and butter.

peel and chop up the apples (take out the core/seeds). put the skillet over the campfire, throw in a stick of butter, the chopped up apples and brown sugar. cook until the apples are no longer hard, but not so long that it becomes apple sauce! add more butter if it starts to stick to the skillet and more brown sugar depending on how sweet you want them. and if you want to be daring throw in some cinnamon too!

the first family camping trip, i used a bag of apples (about 2lbs), this past trip, i used 4lbs and we still ran out!

I've never taken a picture of the apples cooking so this will have to do - just imagine all are sitting around the campfire waiting for the apples to be ready!

p.s. you can cook these over a stove as well, its just not the same effect.

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