BBQ Chicken Pizza

Around July 4th, you're supposed to inhale copious amounts of BBQ. Well mine has arrived in the form of pizzaaaaaa! Yes we're at it again - another pizza cooking adventure! This time a riff off of California Pizza Kitchen's world famous BBQ Chicken Pizza. (Who doesn't love this CPK treasure?!?!) I've been eating it for as long as I can remember. Lucky for me B is a big fan of it too. 

Anyways this was such an easy meal to whip up especially since I had a treasured Trader Joe's pizza dough in the freezer. (Note it comes refrigerated but I bought a few during my last visit for the sole purpose of freezing to see how they freeze. Still perfect after a defrost!) We made this pizza without a real amount of cheese but you can easily add that in. B wanted a little bit of cheese so our compromise was to sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top once it was baked. The BBQ sauce, caramelized onions and chicken really have a lot of flavor so the traditional amount of cheese was not missed. Try it out today!


Kale & Brussels Sprout Salad

Two of my favorite vegetables - kale and brussels sprouts - wrapped into an easy to make salad. Win. Win. The recipe comes from Bon Appetit - I adapted it by adding dried cherries and skipping the cheese. Click to see the recipe on Bon Appetit. I served this yummy salad with some seasoned and ready to cook whole chicken from Whole Foods.


Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza

Well hellooooo! I might just get back to blogging after a nearly four year hiatus. The reason...this pizza! Hot damn this Roasted Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza (by the Savory Vegan) was one of the most delicious pizza I have ever made! (And I've made a lot of pizzas in my time).

We came to this pizza because B and I both love our veggies. We substitute veggies in place of meat in a lot of recipes. (But don't get me wrong I love a good steak and burger!) We also love pizza, but since I try to avoid dairy 98% of the time, I'm always looking for a good pizza without cheese. (Clearly I am in the camp that the best part about pizza is the crust and not the cheese...mmmmm bread, I love bread.) This buffalo cauliflower pizza hit the spot and B even remarked, "I don't miss the cheese!" We inhaled this pizza and already discussed other variations. Next up, Buffalo Chicken Pizza (the same as above but with chicken) and riffs on the California Pizza Kitchen BBQ Chicken Pizza (one with chicken and one with cauliflower!)

p.s. I think my best move here was using Trader Joe's pizza dough - so much quicker than making my own from scratch.

See the full recipe here: Roasted Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza by the Savory Vegan.


A Relaxing Vacation in the Bahamas!

We spent a glorious 5 days in Nassau earlier this month! We booked the trip tow weeks before on CheapCaribbean.com - an all-inclusive deal to The Atlantis resort. One of us (I'm not naming any names, but it wasn't me!), had never been to the Caribbean. Say what?! He's visited and lived in countless countries around the world, but has never gone on a proper beach vacation.

So the Atlantis was an excellent vacation choice for us! It was the perfect time to go - right between all of the crazy crowds descended on the resort. We completely checked out, turned off our phones, refused to watch any cable news shows, laid on the beach, went to the spa every day and ate a lot! Since I barely took my phone out of the room, my pictures are limited, but here are a few highlights of the resort.


Caramelized Mushroom & Onion Biscuits

One of my most favorite blogs is one that I only recently discovered in the last few months - Joy the Baker. She is a hilarious writer, her recipes are ones I consistently flag in my email for future cooking adventures and not to mention the pictures are great. 

During the week, I live on smoothies for breakfast, but on the weekends, its time to spice it up since I actually have time to cook. So when Joy the Baker's recipe for Caramelized Mushroom & Onion Biscuits appeared in my email, I knew breakfast sandwiches were on the horizon. Best. Decision. Ever. No seriously, Best. Decision. Ever!