Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza

Well hellooooo! I might just get back to blogging after a nearly four year hiatus. The reason...this pizza! Hot damn this Roasted Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza (by the Savory Vegan) was one of the most delicious pizza I have ever made! (And I've made a lot of pizzas in my time).

We came to this pizza because B and I both love our veggies. We substitute veggies in place of meat in a lot of recipes. (But don't get me wrong I love a good steak and burger!) We also love pizza, but since I try to avoid dairy 98% of the time, I'm always looking for a good pizza without cheese. (Clearly I am in the camp that the best part about pizza is the crust and not the cheese...mmmmm bread, I love bread.) This buffalo cauliflower pizza hit the spot and B even remarked, "I don't miss the cheese!" We inhaled this pizza and already discussed other variations. Next up, Buffalo Chicken Pizza (the same as above but with chicken) and riffs on the California Pizza Kitchen BBQ Chicken Pizza (one with chicken and one with cauliflower!)

p.s. I think my best move here was using Trader Joe's pizza dough - so much quicker than making my own from scratch.

See the full recipe here: Roasted Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza by the Savory Vegan.

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