Cooking School

I was a little skeptical until I walked in, picked out my spot in the front of class (a first!) and eyed all of the impressive cookware. After staring for a number of minutes at the grandest of grand kitchen aid stand mixers, I knew my first ever cooking class was going to be a huge smashing success! and even if there was a hint of doubt, it was all gone 10 minutes in, when I was already plotting my next trip back!

The class was held at this great new gem in the city, CulinAerie, and focused on pasta. We made 3 kinds: fettuccine with artichoke pesto, wild mushroom fettuccine with prosciutto and Parmesan; and ravioli stuffed with ricotta and fresh herb filling and a oven roasted tomato sauce. While I was not able to take pictures during the process, just use your imagination or wait until I recreate the recipes at home, which I will as soon as I get a stand mixer.

While I got my gift certificate to this cooking school back in November (a fabulous surprise birthday gift indeed), I had to hold out to use it until the pasta class came up (I tried for months, but it always sold out before I could sign up!) It was well worth the wait, like most good things in life!

Anyways stay tuned, I plan to recreate all of the recipes once I get the vital piece of equipment!

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