Coconut Curry Beef w/Veggies

Full disclaimer - I admit i'm light weight sweatin' America's Test Kitchen 30-Minute Suppers right now so here is another one from the magazine - coconut curry beef with vegetables. Easy and good recipe, great wine and fun company are what my Friday nights are all about these days after a very very long work week(s).

all you need: sirloin steak tips, red curry paste (in the thai/asian section of your local grocer), minced garlic, coconut milk (also in the thai/asian section), broccoli, red bell pepper, cilantro and soy sauce or fish sauce.

literally all you need to do is season the meat, cook it in a large skillet (like a stir fry pan if you have). once its browned, take it out. in the same skillet, add curry paste (amount depends on how much u like the curry flavor), garlic, coconut milk (2-14oz cans), red bell pepper, broccoli and cook all until the sauce is thickened and veggies are tender, like 5 minutes. then add the meat, some soy sauce or fish sauce (2 tablespoons) until heated througout. Serve it in a bowl over rice.

some notes: i added mushrooms because i like them and i had a lot!, frozen broccoli works just as well if you dont have time to chop up fresh broccoli and then if you use soy sauce, be sure to keep tasting to get the flavor you want. i had to season several times with salt, pepper, soy sauce, etc to get it closer to what i wanted. oh and ps you could use less coconut milk to make it less saucey - its up to you!

TIP: highly recommend you find America's Test Kitchen 30-Minute Suppers and any other product that comes out of that kitchen. All they do is test every recipe millions of times (slight exaggeration) so its likely to be pretty solid or at the very least a great base.

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