Thanksgiving Planning

This is how it works: about a month before any holiday, my dad will call and say so what are you thinking of preparing this year? I list out my ideas, he either agrees or disagrees and then the next few weeks are him calling to talk more about the menu, to tell me we don't need that much or to talk some kind of nonsense! Once we're actually in town and the holiday hits, its: are you really going to do it that way? Despite all the questions, every year without fail, the food is all gone and my dad will admit, you did good!

So needless to say, menu discussions have gone back and forth between my dad, myself and my sister, who is coming home this year. My sister and I have settled on some sure to be great recipes, the only question is will we get it together and prep things the night before or after we run our 5 mile Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning?

So until we whip up some specialties, here are a few things we've had in the past. I wish I had my blog prior to last year since I've created a variety of Thanksgiving feasts over the years. I'm thinking of you Beef Wellington. I need to make that again to document because it was a beauty! And once you eat, follow it up with a game of KICKBALL in the backyard!!!

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