A Rare Find: 1st Edition Joy of Cooking!

My sister might just be the best at giving gifts, especially surprise ones! I had no idea she had a gift for me until she sent me a cryptic text: "you better like my surprise gift." Well guess what, I LOVE it! Somewhere, she found a "first" edition print (1962) of the Joy of Cooking! (OK technically the first edition was printed in 1931 but only something like 300 were printed, then a publishing house came in and printed its first edition in 1962.) Either way its an awesome find. And an added bonus, my copy is stuffed with random notes and handwritten recipes from the previous owner! This cookbook is one of the most published cookbooks of all time and its a must have for any kitchen.

The "first" edition vs. the 75th anniversary edition that I already owned.


  1. MST is $pants. Great gift! Pls tell her I am looking for a first edition "Count of Monte Cristo". Thanks, KG

  2. lol KG will tell her!