"Pick Your Own" Adventure: Hollin Farms

Goods from my first visit to Hollin Farm. Total Price? $25!
My new favorite trek outside of D.C is a scenic hour or so drive that ends in an amazing pick your own farm - Hollin Farm in Delaplane, VA. I only discovered this place last month after my friend Amy and I stumbled upon it after a failed attempt to visit another farm. Not wanting to drive back to the city, we started exploring and totally lucked out. If you like knowing where your food comes from - a pick your own farm like this is awesome! Acres and acres of vegetables and fruit at incredibly cheap prices compared to a grocery store.
Yes please, I would like this as my view every day
Snacks for the car ride...Apple Cider Donuts fresh from the farm

Along the way, we found some cute roadside farm stands. How gorgeous is this stuff??!

And now to Hollin Farm....

(Note: I like to think I'm really a farm girl at heart, but this farm has caused me to question that. Ditz moment #1...I didn't realize you dug up peanuts. Or that you had to boil them as I greedily went to open one for a snack after all the digging...as my friend yelled across the farm "they don't come dry roasted moron!")

I needed these directions!

took several tries to get a whole potato - i kept slicing them open while digging

picking some arugula and lettuce
best tomatoes ever...i wish i could get some of these every week
happy halloween!
If you have access to one, "pick your own" is the way to go for sure. Getting your hands dirty and hand selecting kale, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and digging up potatoes and peanuts and everything else that is in season far beats a trip to the grocery store.

The only sad part was today there was little left as the farm is closing down for the season in the coming week. So while I didn't get as much as I hoped, we still had the adventure BACK to D.C. which meant a stop in Middleburg, VA. My absolute dream place to live out my "farm" dreams! It's seriously the cutest little town in horse/farm country. This is already a long post, so I'll just share one of my favorite parts of Middleburg....Scruffy's Ice Cream Parlor - a charming little shop that benefits the Middleburg Humane Foundation. The ice cream is flavorful and delicious - the perfect Middleburg treat. And since they love dogs, there are lots of cute dog figurines, posters, signs and if you're lucky, while chowing down on some ice cream, you'll get to see a few of the dogs up for adoption!