Tidwell Thanksgiving Recap

Happy Thanksgiving Friends! Hope your day was filled with lots of family, friends, laughter, love and thankfulness! Several people have already asked what the Tidwell family enjoyed this holiday so here is a quick recap. Every host and chef wants to hear "this was the best year yet" so kudos to everyone for helping make this Thanksgiving dinner the best yet!" Huge shout out to Bon Appetit for providing all of this year's inspiration! (Click on the titles for recipes).
We started the morning with 
The Ultimate Sticky Buns

I wanted to find something different to drink (i.e. no alcohol, no tea, no soda) so I settled on Cucumber Mint and Basil Soda

And here are our sides....


 I guess everyone was confident dinner was great because they loaded up their plates....

and took leftovers home....

 Leaving us with this....so much for leftovers!


  1. yummmmo! tidwells got lucky this year :)

    1. yes we did! hope your holiday was great!