Circus Act, Take Two

Sorry folks this is not a recipe post, but this is way more fun! I went to my second trapeze class on Thursday night and I was not, I repeat NOT, looking forward to it. In fact, the days leading up to it, I kept thinking "I can conveniently trip over this sidewalk or my dog and slightly injure myself!" and "I hope I wake up nauseous and puking on Thursday!" because surely my friends and the instructors wouldn't let me climb that 20+ foot ladder and jump off a platform countless times in either condition!

But alas, I didn't come down with an injury or the flu, so my friend Sallyann, who already did a great blog post on our experience, and I trekked out of the office into the cold and made our way over to the Trapeze School of New York. The school is a cool circus like place - we walked into find people on trampolines, dangling and twisting from silks, juggling and of course flying, courtesy of the trapeze.

During my first climb up that very high ladder, I was terrified yet knew there was no turning back. Why? Its better to get over it and push yourself through the uncomfortable, terrifying things in life, right?! The class was a blur and full of laughter but to sum it up, I was stoked that on my first jump, I managed to pull off the upside down hang that I slowly started to learn at the end of my first class. I nailed that move each time, attempted some backflips off the bar and tried to do a catch with the instructor...which I missed his arms by a hair! Better luck next time.

Check out the video Sallyann took to prove we really might be crazy. The question is will I brave it again and go for my 3rd class? One thing is for sure, its quite the workout - my arms, legs and abs are still sore.